Dazzling American Diamond Jewellery Sets- Now available for colour customisation!

Dazzling American Diamond Jewellery Sets- Now available for custom orders!

Alluring Amanii in partnership with LebaasOnline is proud to present our new and updated American Diamond jewellery collection, that are now even customisable! These sets provide a beautiful variety of jewellery designs created from high grade, premium quality American Diamonds (AD) complimented by a range of bases- these include gold, rose gold, silver and a new addition, oxidised black gold finishes. Lebaasonline highly stocked special collection separately for Indian Designer Bridal Jewellery Sets and Bollywood Style Jewellery Sets because we understand their importance in your lives. Isn’t it every girl’s dream to look the most beautiful on her wedding day? She might have dreamt about the perfect look thousands of times. We understand your needs. Hence, we have for you a wide range of Indian Designer Bridal sets to choose from, which will make you look the most gorgeous on your Wedding Day.


The choker is not only a traditional staple but it also adds an extra oomph to one’s bridal look. It’s a snug fit necklace and easily the most popular since forever. Brides who are jewelry fanatics will definitely go for this trend. This trend is also popular due to the fact that when jewelry is passed on to you from your mother or grandmother, it is not only traditional but also an heirloom. So thus, if you are deciding if you want to wear a choker, know that you are setting the bar really high.
At LebaasOnline, our selection of Amanii designs includes long designer AD necklaces, American Diamond earrings and chokers as well as head jewellery. Custom made options mean that new colours and jewellery components available make for exciting new styles that will enhance the look of any outfit; The colours include, emerald, champagne, ruby, rose, amber and transparent options as well.  Festive occasions such as Christmas, Eid, Diwali and so many more are the perfect time for such elegant jewellery that suit many outfit choices whether that be modern or traditional- a perfect way to dress up any outfit for the holidays. The graceful charm from this darling Indian Bridal American Diamond collection and the alluring shimmer of the precious stones are captivating and the pieces compliment every party look, causal or bridal. This is a Bollywood, celebrity style collection that graces runways and looks fabulous on anyone. Here at LebaasOnline, we would like to offer these American Diamond designer jewellery sets at reasonable and affordable prices to you as we believe everyone should experience the Alluring Amanii collection during the festive seasons so that everyone can become an Amanii Princess!









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