Creation Service

Welcome to LEBAASONLINE's brand new CREATION SERVICE: Our exclusive service to customise big brand Clothing and even Jewellery to perfectly suit you.


LEBAASONLINE is far from a regular retail store- with an extensive and gorgeous collection of party wear and jewellery it is the sole destination for shopping with style, but not only this- we have worked hard with our designing team to ensure that everyone gets exactly what they need and want: Customisation of all clothes are available with our CREATION SERVICE where we will work with you to make a custom fit version of any outfit as well as making any amendments as one may need (change in neck style, adding lining to dresses etc.) so that you can have your dream dress, made perfectly just for you.

Our service requires close communication between buyer and seller during the making process, but it is quite simple- we will require your body measurements (in inches) for the following:

(Although, certain measurements are needed or not needed depending on the dress design)

Furthermore, we will make amendments to the dress at request, examples of this are: Adding or removing sleeves, altering neck styles, coving or creating open backs, adding lining if requested and more. It must be noted that every outfit is different and includes different parts and sets or accessories that will define how much we can amend the dress. These are branded and designer dresses and we will take time and consideration before making such amendments as to not drastically change the original design.

Pakistani designer wear by popular designers such as Maria B or Sana Safinaz is inherently intricate and highly detailed. The numerous panels with great amounts of beading and embroidery are complicated to piece together in order to create the full silhouette. Only the most skilled tailor, or customers with the time and equipment, as well as the passion, to assemble an outfit from scratch are able to do so. This is why we, at LebaasOnline, offer a ready-made or customisable (made to your exact measurements) option on every design so that a finished dress is sent to those customers who require it.

One of our most popular services both within the UK and internationally is the customisable design: here, our team of dedicated and skilled crafters and designers take into account your exact measurements as required in order to create a bespoke, one of a kind, designer piece that fits like a glove!

When looking at a beautiful model in a beautiful dress, a desire to wear the clothing may also be met by the dismay of some aspect of the dress (neck depth or length perhaps) that amended would be so much better for you. At LebaasOnline, our customisable options also take into account any amendments you would like to create to a design, something that other online retailers imply do not offer. For example, if a customer desires a shorter top length or a sheer back to be replaced we are able to do so without obstructing the overall glamour of the design.

The Customisable Service is greatly loved by LebaasOnline's brides shopping online, as the one to one customer service and bespoke tailoring ensures a custom wedding dress that suits the needs of our bridal clients perfectly. This can range from sizing, design amendments, colours and embellishments to ensure the perfect designer dress is created for your special day!

Maria B & Pakistani Designer Dresses & Sarees

When purchasing a designer Pakistani Suit or Saree, there are three options to choose from: Unstitched or Ready made - Standard Sizes or Customised.

The unstitched version of a design will require the buyer to assemble the suit themselves. This option means the suit will arrive as a set of separate fabric pieces and embroidery patches that customers can assemble themselves if they wish to. If not, then our Standard sizes or Customised option are the best to choose as we assemble the Maria B fabric sets for you. You may either choose Standard sizes, or a customised suit that is tailor made to your measurements and any amendments you may want.

If you have placed an order for either option and want to switch please let us know via email ( or WhatsApp messages to change. This may require an extra fee for customised. 

For Pakistani designers such as Maria B, Asim Jofa, Sobia Nazir, etc. we suggest taking the customised or standard size option as the assembly of these fabric sets are often quite complicated and time consuming without the experience. This may also require many machines and materials so if such facilities cannot be acquired it would be best to choose a customised or ready made outfit.

If you do wish to purchase unstitched, please note that many of the fabric sets, especially for Sarees, come with ready made pleats and embroidery attachments so if you wish for amendments in this please contact our team who are ready to help at any time.

This service requires at least 1-2 weeks (depending on the design) to create and amend each dress, we will notify you with updates throughout the process, this excludes shipping time.



We have a wonderfully large variety of Jewellery ready to purchase directly from our website, however, some customisations can also be made to the jewellery on request (such as changing bead colours etc.) but we can’t customise every design of AMERICAN DIAMOND jewellery. Our own AMANII designer jewellery and its  designer Amanii will be there to assist you with such amendments. Most of our jewellery is created from high quality and durable brass based material with high gold plating for long term guarantee. We also offer many coatings such as high gold, silver, yellow gold, rose gold, brass/copper coloured, antique gold and our newest and most fashionable in Asian bridal jewellery: Mehndi Gold. Most jewellery is also created from reversible AD and Polki Kundan. 

Prices for customisation are additional and vary for each design of clothing or jewellery and a quota will be created at request.