Ice blue is En Vogue this Winter Season 2022/23 for Designer Pakistani Fashion Wear!


Ice blue is En Vogue this Winter Season 2022/23 for Designer Pakistani Fashion Wear!

The staple trend of the season is pastel, and ice blue especially, being the perfect colour for winter ensembles and showcased by many popular Pakistani fashion designers like Maria B, Safina Safinaz, Suffuse, Republic, Reign, and Elan, just to name a few. Extremely eye catching, ice blue suits a variety of skin tones and matches well as an accessory colour or a main piece of your outfit. The colour is surprisingly strong for a pastel and is fresh and clean. What better way to show you’re queen of the ice than with some ice blue in your outfit!

 Ice-Blue: The Biggest Wedding Trend of the Season!

Ice-blue is eye-catching and graceful. A gorgeously embellished net dress for a formal occasion is even more striking in a cool winter palette. Whether it's attending weddings, formal parties, or casual events, a large selection of Pakistani dresses and suits are available in ice-blue for a wide range of budgets. Ladies wearing elegantly embroidered ice-blue party wear dresses that are glistening with embellishments like sequins, as well as rhinestones is what you will see during the festive winter wedding period. Expect to see an array of beautiful blue bridesmaids standing by the bride all dressed in white as this is a wonderful wedding trend that shows the ice-blue lehengas and dresses in action. Even if it is a casual party like a birthday function or a house warming party, you can find pretty options of graceful blue dresses that are not too heavily embellished, as well as are appropriately designed for a casual function. 

Accessorising Ice-Blue

 When dressing ice blue, try matching it with other pastels for a lolly-sweet look or pair with black for a striking contrast. As for the ultimate chic match, you can’t go past ice blue and white. Try this season’s colour in a variety of pieces such as matching blue jewellery sets and icy blue clutches. 




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With a colorful culture comes colorful bridal outfits, and choosing the right color for your bridal outfit is essential. There are many colors you can choose according to the current trend like pista green, Elsa blue, pastel pink, elegant purple or apricot or the classic red and definitely trending 2022 icy bluPakistani wedding outfit you are going to look stunning as a traditional Pakistani Bride. Ice Blue wedding dresses, often associated with Western bridal attire, have gained popularity in Pakistani weddings. They symbolize purity, new beginnings, and a departure from convention. Shiza Hassan has masterfully adapted this symbol of purity to create exquisite bridal wear that resonates with modern brides.

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