5 Indian Jewellery Trends of 2020, and the fifth one will become a definite staple in your new year wardrobe!

5 Jewellery Trends of  2020, and the fifth one will become a definite staple in your new year wardrobe! 

Every event calls for a great wardrobe refresh, and we’re here to help with these top Indian Bridal Bollywood Jewellery trends that will ensure that you start the new year the most stylishly you can:

The perfect bridal set of jewelry to complete your Indian or Pakistani designer outfit for that special day. While there are staple favourites such as gold and diamond sets. There are also modern trends that are liven things up for Asian jewellery fashions. An example of this is the 2020 golden globes was a true highlight for platinum jewellery as worn incredibly fashionably by many celebs on the red carpet.

After all, every ensemble deserves to wear an accent jewellery designs to highlight both the wearers style and personality. For the adventurous lady, bright   statement earrings, and bolder choker necklaces may be the perfect ensemble.

To that end, the jewellery industry is one step ahead as it’s already gearing up to set new trends for 2020:

Trend #1:  Platinum Jewellery 

As mentioned before, the golden globes showed the popular platinum jewellery on the red carpet. You can now channel your inner celeb or royal as bright  diamond design chokers and necklace sets with platinum come back in style. Platinum fashion pieces can work a simple outfit by adding a touch of flair to your style. From statement necklaces to subtle pendants this sophisticated celebrity style is a fashion staple for modern women all over the world.

Trend #2: Bollywood & Sabyasachi Inspired Jewellery

Even though neutrals dominated the fashion runways  in jewellery last season, the designs are making a colourful turn as vibrant colours dominate jewellery stores. From playful pigments in oversized hoops to glamorous Jhumkas, curtain-tassel earrings for the Bollywood celebrity look and great high chokers as inspired by Sabyasachi for that high fashion celebrity look- there’s plenty of ways to make the most of this wedding and festive season in a stylish way.

Trend # 3  Black Gold Jewellery (black polish gold)

Contemporary jewellery favourites are now adding more dimension using handcrafted designs in Black Gold. It adds a textural twist on an otherwise traditional detail – from delicate and cascading designs to Oxidised touched jewellery sets to Black polish Gold and Rose Gold, these are an ideal addition for the kind of lady who wants to embrace a traditional rustic and yet contemporary charm.

Trend #4:  Pearl Jewellery

Beautifully elegant and truly a classic style, Pearl adorned Jewelery creates timeless pieces that will always grace the fashion pages and runways. A wonderfully classy and traditional look that can be combined with Diamonds, Kundans and gold for a more contemporary feel. 

Trend #5: Custom Made Handcrafted Bespoke Jewellery 

Adorned with polki diamonds and Playful Pearls. Kundan and Pearls are timeless pieces that never go out of style, but 2020 is putting a modern twist on traditional favourites as natural shades, soft rose, creamy highlights, baroque, and uneven textures take centre stage. Playful designs have reinvented older designs so that each can be customised to your liking including custom made diamond head jewellery - in a sleek design that oozes modernity, combining bold looks with a feminine flare.

Every occasion calls for a much-needed wardrobe refresh after all, and we’re to help with these top trends that are sure to start the new year with wonderfully fashionably- 

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