Sabyasachi Inspired Kundan Jewellery & how to care for your Luxury Jewellery:

Sabyasachi Inspired Kundan Jewellery & how to care for your Luxury Jewellery:

Sabyasachi Kundan Jewellery Sets UK USA 2020 Fashion

Sabyasachi is a world wide recognised brand for their classic and luxurious designs that have been extraordinarily designed by Sabyasachi himself. The sets are of a great price range and at LebaasOnline we want to bring designs inspired by the famous brand to every stylish woman on her wedding day or any other special occasion at an affordable cost. Fantastic materials of great quality (our gold based and incredible polki and AD work) will dazzle and make you feel like the star you are! Sabyasachi have creatively found a way to look fit for a simple elegant wedding, but also an outgoing enjoying party. Every brides desire to wear such rich legacy Indian jewellery at her wedding can be fulfilled through our exclusive collection and wonderful variety of Sabyasachi inspired designs available at LebaasOnline.

The quality of the workmanship and jewelery craft by our design team is of the highest  standard. Here at Lebaasonline we proudly present a new collection of Sabyasachi inspired jewellery at perfectly affordable prices as we believe that every beautiful lady should get to wear these true kundan style jewellery sets. We are selling top-notch, high quality and alluring sets that one could ever imagine of at LebaasOnline.

Most of the time brides ask where to buy Sabyasachi inspired or similar in style jewellery online: LebaasOnline is the perfect destination with our great variety and unique designs.


Once you’ve bought your set, how to care for each Jewellery item is important to remember:

Another question mostly client also ask us How to care for your precious jewellery?

  • Make sure that you store the jewellery in the box provided by us so that it always has a safe place to be kept that is designed to preserve the jewellery beautifully.
  • To avoid scratches, you can also keep it wrapped in a soft cotton/muslin cloth.
  • Prevent it from chemicals like perfumes or cosmetics and even moisture.Also, keep these jewellery sets away from heat !
  • Do not clean or polish the jewellery at home with any domestic cleaning agents like detergent, soap or even toothpaste (as has been done before!)

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