Luxurious Indian & Pakistani Bridal Jewellery at LebaasOnline: A statement of Beauty & Culture

Contemporary designers have worked with Indian jewellery in fabulously new and unique ways and one name we all know for their inventive jewellery is non other than Sabyasachi! Working with Indian bridal jewellery for a modern audience whist remaining close to its historical roots, Sabyasachi has formulated a jewellery collection close to home with a modern flair! The presentation, photography, packaging and construction of these pieces are luxurious and rich in colour and finish. 

Sabhysachi Bridal Jewelry | Bridal Jewelery Online UK

Sabyasachi Bridal and Wedding jewelry have not only been seen gracing Indian fashion runways for some time now, but Bollywood actresses such as Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma have been seen at numerous events with the beautiful jewellery adorning their stylish star outfits! In fact, actresses and starts of both Hollywood and Bollywood have popularized the style even more than before in more than one way- often thought as bridal and party jewellery, Kundan sets were associated with heavy occasional wear, but modern wearers prefer a lightweight option that stars often pair with more casual attire, such as a long white fitted top and black pants that match their silver Kundan chain!

Choker necklaces Sabyasachi. Image: Courtesy Instagram 

Indian Bridal jewellery at LebaasOnline: A luxurious staple, a statement of beauty and culture, and an elegant addition to any woman’s wardrobe- jewellery by Sabyasachi defines the divine heritage and traditional designs of Indian Jewellery, enveloped within contemporary fashions to create incredibly unique and one of a kind pieces that range from party to Indian bridal styles.

A dedicated and skilful design team create each designer jewellery set with precisely selected components- Precious stones, Polki kundan crystals and American Diamonds are encrusted
within their golden bases and finished with an exquisitely luminous coat of silver, gold, rose gold, black gold or Mehndi gold polish, all complimented by the addition of intricate Meenakri art work, coloured crystals of your choice, or iridescent pearl droplets to complete the design.

Choker necklaces Sabyasachi. Image: Courtesy Instagram

At LebaasOnline, we believe that our jewellery is an  art that tells the tale of its bright traditions and rich history that is infused with modern jewellery fashion, creating timeless pieces.

Such splendour and beauty is most perfectly seen when adorned on a momentous and festive occasion, much like weddings. Our Designer Indian bridal collection is a marvel to behold; enchanting jewels and royally luxurious designs grace our bridal collection, our sets completely customisable.

Regal Rani Haars, brilliant chokers, Dazzling earrings and magical mathapattis and mangtikkas
make up each set. These key elements are an ethereal and extraordinary way to bring glamour to any outfit!

No matter what kind of jewellery you’re looking for Sabyasachi will have the one. Bridal Sets, Jhumka earrings, long Rani haar and statement necklaces of any colour, any style, any way you want it. Custom made, hand made and ready to wear for wedding and party celebrations.

No word can describe the beauty of these unique pieces of jewellery, every one of them has its own unique style, and on top of that these jewelry will never go out of fashion.

Maria B Pakistani Designer Jewellery Online

Maria.B. has taken the initiative to start working with local artisans to help revive the dying art of handmade jewellery. Maria.B. Jewelry (Handcrafted in Pakistan) - Launching Soon!! Her jewellery collection will be specialised in handcrafted Pakistani fashion, traditional artisan, bridal and wedding jewellery and heritage jewellery. 

LebaasOnline’s jewellery flowers from the artistry: iridescent polki stones dazzle as they are archaically surrounded by the beauty of Meenakari art work to bring a touch of tradition and history to the modern look- this is encapsulated by the timeless and elegant designs of Maria B Pakistani Designer Jewelry!

Maria B jewellery at lebaasonline UK and USA high fashion Indian and Pakistani Bridal jewelry  for Asian brides

Maria B jewellery at lebaasonline UK and USA high fashion Indian and Pakistani Bridal jewellery for Asian brides

Pakistani Bridal Jewelry by Maria B at Lebaasonline UK and USA

Sabyasachi jewelry

Sabyasachi Bridal Jewellery UK

Anushka Sharma Wedding necklace by Sabyasachi. Image: Courtesy Instagram 

Sabyasachi Heritage Jewellery

Sabyasachi Heritage Jewellery. Image: Courtesy Pinterest 

The biggest dream that every Indian Bride binds with her imagination about her special day is regarding a Sabyasachi Heritage Bridal. This is a proven fact that the great designer Sabhyasachi  is the best at what he does! The very best of his profession of bringing art to the heritage bridal collection which he designs with inspirations from the most ethnic origins.

Sabyasachi, your favourite designer is here with the most epic collection of bridal jewelry to capture our hearts. The mastermind has dwelled in the regions where people are scared to go, the heritage backgrounds of cultures. Yes, he has drastically blended the modern jewelry with the very best designs of the heritage jewelry. Winning all hearts with their grace and charisma, Bollywood starts like Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Tisca Chopra, Nushrat Bharucha, Kareena Kapoor Khan and many more recently spotted with Sabyasachi Jewellery. The charm of these pieces can be transferred to all beautiful and stylish ladies and can be worn at any splendid event!

Deepika Padukone’s Wedding Reception Jewellery: 

Deepika Padukone wedding reception jewellery designed by Sabyasachi have emerged as a deciding factor in revolutionising of jewellery trends not only in India but worldwide has become a diversified and skilled job, the option of online selling has only made the prospects better for new talents. The collections are now more artistic and varied, be it traditional or contemporary.

Sabhyasachi fashion jewellery has emerged as a dominant category in Indian online shopping trends. Indian women of all ages are choosing versatility over tradition in a big way. Layered necklaces, statement necklaces, cocktail rings, chandelier earrings and Kundan jewellery are creating dazzling looks everyday!

Seek out treasures from our world class Bollywood Jewellery highly inspired by Sabyasachi style jewellery collection at Lebaasonline.

Different types of Indian Bridal Jewellery offered by LebaasOnline to wear on Wedding Day:

Timeless pieces never go out of style, but new trend within this are nothing to shy away from-And the most trendy and latest fashion is head jewellery such as mangtikkas and Dhaminis which will make a great Wedding gift this year. Moreover, these prices are available in the most wonderful American Diamonds! 

A beautiful gift for someone special, these elegant pieces are destined to become an important element in yours or a loved ones wardrobe!

Every piece of Jewellery right from head to toe, has its unique beauty and significance. The beautiful Maang tikkas are a type of Indian Jewellery to adorn with the hair or forehead. They are a favourite and yet still a greatly unique style and can be worn on a special day such as Wedding Day, it’s a great idea to give these styles as a gift !

Indian bridal jewellery
Sabyasachi Bridal Jewellery UK

Our Jewellery

At our jewellery store offers different types of jewellery from a multitude of top-quality brands. Each of our products is well designed and manufactured to a very high standard, with complete attention to detail. This ensures that when you purchase it you are completely delighted with your beautiful new statement piece. Once you have decided which kind of item you want, you can browse through our wide range of gems, stones, and metal finishes to find the piece that will guarantee you maximum satisfaction for many years to come.

Bollywood Jewellery- Trendy, stylish, and wonderfully glamorous, Bollywood Inspired Jewellery at LebaasOnline is a collection created from inspiration found in Indian films and runway fashions for you. The beautiful styles adorned by stars like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and Sonam Kapoor marked 2019 with their unique designs, and our designers were inspired by these pieces to create our own unique  versions.

Black Gold Jewellery (black polish gold)

Contemporary jewellery favourites are now adding more dimension using handcrafted designs in Black Gold. It adds a textural twist on an otherwise traditional detail – from delicate and cascading designs to Oxidised touched jewellery sets to Black polish Gold and Rose Gold, these are an ideal addition for the kind of lady who wants to embrace a traditional rustic and yet contemporary charm.

Indian wedding jewellery

Top Indian Jewellery Fashion in London

If you're after a necklace, earrings or some type of ring or bracelet then Indian Jewellery is the place to visit. At our store, located in London, you will find a whole range of top quality jewellery that will look great on you or that special someone in your life. No matter what your style is, there's something for you at our store. If you would like more information or details, please contact us through our contact form. Our team of trained professionals ready and waiting to help. They can assist you in finding the item of jewellery that will be a perfect match for you or an ideal gift for that special person. At LebaasOnline-Indian Jewellery, we take our customers' needs very seriously and will spend the required time helping you to find exactly what you are looking for. We work hard to ensure that your visit to our store is a great experience, every time.

Buy high fashion Indian and Pakistani designer jewellery at Lebaasonline, we offer great variety of beautiful Indian and Pakistani jewellery set includes a stunning Asian wide choker necklaces, Ranihaar, Jhumka, mangtikka & traditional Jhumar head ornament from our online Jewellery and asian clothing Store UK.

FAQ: How much Sabyasachi Jewellery cost?

Sabyasachi Jewellery Price
The price of Sabyasachi jewellery can fluctuate depending on the gold weight, purity and the stones used within sets-

The price of Anushka Sharma's reception choker and jhumkas set from Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry Collection is approximately 25-30 Lakhs. Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry price range is usually on the higher end.

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