Bridal Kundan Jewellery Collection 2020| Charming Kundan Sets and where to find them!

Indian Kundan Jewellery is both a charming and alluring addition to any outfit, whether that be Bridal or Party wear! The stunning sets are created from a variety of precious stones, crystals and embellishments to create unique designer collections with a great range of styles to select from! From silver moon crystals to gold encrusted stones, Kundan jewellery is a staple part of Indian and Pakistani fashion and will stay this way throughout 2020 and 2021! Not only this, but Kundan jewellery has taken to the international stage as the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia all look forward to upcoming jewellery styles and designs as a result of Indian Kundan Jewellery Sets. LebaasOnline features many Kundan designer pieces for our customers to choose from and as we are based in London, the heritage of Kundan Jewellery and Queen Victoria is an inspiration for our collections!

Contemporary designers have worked with Kundan jewellery in fabulously new and unique ways and one name we all know for their inventive jewellery is non other than Sabyasachi! Working with Kundan jewellery for a modern audience whist remaining close to its historical roots, Sabyasachi has formulated a jewellery collection close to home with a modern flair! The presentation, photography, packaging and construction of these pieces are luxurious and rich in colour and finish. Sabyasachi jewelry have not only been seen gracing Indian fashion runways for some time now, but Bollywood actresses such as Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma have been seen at numerous events with the beautiful jewellery adorning their stylish star outfits! In fact, actresses and starts of both Hollywood and Bollywood have popularized the style even more than before in more than one way- often thought as bridal and party jewellery, Kundan sets were associated with heavy occasional wear, but modern wearers prefer a lightweight option that stars often pair with more casual attire, such as a long white fitted top and black pants that match their silver Kundan chain! Actress Maya Ali Khan who is known for her fantastic style wearing Designer Pakistani Suits and outfits has often been spotted adorned in Kundan jewellery, whether that be for a great event or simply a dinner part, she always looks stunningly put together and unique in her look. That is the beauty of Kundan Jewellery too, the range of stones and embellishments mean that each design is new and fresh and never the same so every woman has her own staple jewellery piece!

Shop for a wide collection of Kundan Jewellery for great prices at LebaasOnline! Checkout up-to-date models, new arrivals, deals and discounts on Indian, Kundan Jewellery Sets today for any weddings, party’s and many more celebrations!

Kundan jewellery sets UK and USA online


LebaasOnline offers ethnic and traditional Kundan jewelry designs as well as modern/contemporary fashion collections. Kundan jewellery sets are available as Silver or Gold plated as a part of bridal fashion and full Kundan Jewellery sets. All of our jewellery is created from high quality base metal materials and high grade Kundan diamonds which are silver or gold foil based with luxury gold, silver, rose gold, henna gold, antique and artwork gold, and new oxidized black gold plating (a popular option today!)

Sabhyasachi Kundan set USAImage Courtesy Instagram: Sabyasachi Jewellery

Every bride wants to look the best on their special day and for this they pick the best wedding dress and jewellery. When the point comes on wedding jewellery they want a unique and attractive design jewel pieces that say them and only them. They explore countless shops in the market to find the desirable jewel pieces, wasting countless hours searching for Indian necklaces sets in the UK. if they want to save their precious time, instead of visiting normal stores why don’t they try online stores. On the online platform, numerous shops are accessible that anyone can visit to buy glamorous jewel pieces. If you can relate to this sort of time wasting situation buying Indian jewellery online.


Anushka Sharma Bollywood jewellery  Kundan set USA

Image Courtesy Instagram: Sabyasachi Jewellery

People can get beautiful jewellery pieces anywhere but getting the best quality accessories at reasonable prices a hard thing to do. It’s difficult to find eye catching jewelry in the budget. If you want affordable Polki Necklace Sets then Lebaasonline is the right place to go. We have an eye grabbing collection of jewel pieces. Almost everything from Asian wedding jewellery sets to bangles.

Bollywood jewellery UK USA

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If you are a big fan of bollywood movies and want something just like the beautiful actresses then you can browse our website. We carry attractive Bollywood jewellery sets for all bollywood lovers. You can see our collections on our website so you can choose the best for you. You can pick any jewellery piece as per your choice and your style. You will get all the accessories at the reasonable prices so don’t worry for your budget. If someone is looking for Asian bridal jewellery then it’s advisable to check our Asian bridal accessory collection. All our jewellery pieces are very pretty and able to catch the eyes of everyone. You will get desirable accessories on our online shop. Temple jewellery USA

Diwali jewellery sale USA

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We have a wide range of beautiful Kundan jewellery at affordable prices for wonderful Kundan earrings, mangtikkas, and jhumars are all very popular in the Indian, Pakistan and Asian fashion industry! This piece has so many intricate stone and pearl details that even the smallest and most sophisticated crystals that are completely hand made are perfect. Additional pieces like jhoomer pasa, payals, mala necklace, hand pieces, rings and bridal bangles can also be added.

We absolutely loved stylising New brides with Gurdwara jewellery, Nikah jewellery or Temple jewellery to match your Lengha.


 Wedding Indian jewellery USA


LebaasOnline is an online store where you can find not only wedding jewelry but can find various other accessories as well. We have been running this Indian Jewellery Store to offer only the best to our customers. If you want a beautiful jewel piece to give as a present to your mother, sister or any close person to you then you can definitely check our online store. We have beautifully designed Indian jewellery sets In the UK for all those brides whose perfect day is about to come, You will look amazing in these jewel pieces. If you want to check our collection then you can browse our online store.

 Kundan sets London UK

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Apart from jewellery, we have Indian Pakistani designer clothing for women UK USA And Worldwide.

Deepika padukone Bollywood jewellery USA

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Beautiful jewelry is loved by almost every woman. They love wearing various types of accessories on their hands, neck and on ears to look beautiful and attractive. This is the reason why new jewelry designs come in the market almost every day. If you visit your local market then you will find that it is flooded with a large range of jewelry items. You can see a wide variety of earrings, bangles, Diamond Necklace sets and pendants, etc. They all look beautiful, so one can easily get confused looking for the perfect one.

 Maya Ali jewellery USA

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If you like to wear Designer Indian and Pakistani Dresses then you must take a look at ours. You will love them for sure because we have a very beautiful, designer Asian dresses collection. Our online store is one to stop at especially for all those who want to buy Asian Jewellery and Clothing UK or other accessories at good prices.



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